Allergies To Jewelry

When choosing jewelry that we may want to buy or use, there is one important factor that you need to consider. Aside from knowing if you can afford the jewelry, or how it matches your outfits or how beautiful it looks on you, it is essential that you take into consideration you allergic reactions toward certain metals. What purpose would the gorgeously crafted jewelry serve if it just spends most of its time in your jewelry box because you cannot use it to avoid your skin allergies?

Others may have experience certain skin rashes after having their ears pierced. There are also those who get red lines of rashes on their necks after having worn a necklace. There may be even those that develop itchy blisters on their fingers caused by the rings they may have worn. There are so many people who in one way or another have experienced having rashes or skin related allergies because of the jewelry they may have worn. These jewelries may have some certain metal content to which their skin reacted to.

There are really those people who are born with very sensitive skin and have allergic reactions to certain types of metal. It is important for you to be aware of your skin type and to be in the know of certain allergies that you may have or are prone to in order to avoid skin related problems.

Quite often, majority of the skin allergic reactions or rashes people have because of their jewelry is caused by the nickel content in them. Nickel is used on almost all types of metal used for cooking utensils, money coins, jewelry and others. You can normally find nickel content on jewelries that are silver and white gold except for sterling silver. Yellow gold does not have nickel in it although its 10 carat type may have small traces of it.

You will know that you are allergic to nickel for your skin gets red and itchy when you come in contact with a metal with nickel in it like maybe a bracelet, ring or necklace. If you would continue to ignore this, it could later develop to have water blisters that often get scaly and would peel off. It is important that you try to look for jewelry that would be more suited for your sensitive skin type. You could always find jewelry that is hypoallergenic. Some jewelry shops even offer a new method called rhodium plating which coats the jewelry to prevent your skin from nickel exposure.

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